Prakriti’s Vision

To connect people with nature by introducing the most natural & traditional forms of products and processes thereby making Earth a better & beautiful place to live!


Parag Gour - Founder and Production Lead (Prakriti) & an Environment Engineer by Qualification.

Story Begins like this- Like everyone, we have our unique story which started 6years back when I started realizing the wrong things happening with the environment and the day when I saw a cow eating plastic and I couldn't help it. It was then that I decided to work for mother nature and to begin with one of its most important components - The COW. And then we had a new family member - "Bahula" - Haryanvi Breed of DESI Cows and later on the family grew.

After 4 years with our cows at my place and with a better understanding of their needs and requirements, we decided to take a step further. I started with Natural farming and then finally we came up with a Gausadan(A home for cows) called Prakriti Nutan Vann.

Inderjot Kaur - Co-founder & Marketing Partner (Prakriti) & an MBA as well as Yoga Teacher (certified by Government of India) by Qualification.

Meeting & Knowing Parag an year back was one of the blessings where our passions and visions combined to work together & give back to the society.

For me its' like passion coming into action!!! It gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to bring on a platter the most traditional and purest form of Desi Ghee back to society.